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Building business through creativity and collaboration
Entrepreneurship II (5 ECTS)

Building business through creativity and collaboration

As an entrepreneur you want to make an impact! Breaking the rules and questioning the “we have always done it this way” type of mindset are key skills to all aspiring entrepreneurs. How to learn this?


While the traditional business education provides you with tools and skills for business model skills and financing; the Entrepreneurship II module employs a creative method to learn and experience entrepreneurship through art.


Art is used as an illustration, as materials for case studies, and as a place to work and develop business oriented thinking. The art world is a new metaphor to describe our economy based on innovations and digitalization. The participants will learn a creative mindset and bonding of closer ties in teams.

Combining art and entrepreneurship

How does it work?

The theoretical framework of the course is based on conceptions of learning, collaboration, creativity and emotions. We emphasize the active role of the participants and the importance of the team in all phases of the course. Each team will choose a topic and start exploring it through artistic approach and creation of a concrete piece of art.


During the process the participants will face challenges both in the artistic work and in team dynamics. Emotions, such uncertainty, frustration, enthusiasm and joy are part of all artists, as well as entrepreneur’s everyday life. In the end of the course we will celebrate the union of art and entrepreneurship by organizing an art exhibition open for public.

Emerging Paradigm of Business Education

Studio Pedagogy

The method of the Entrepreneurship II module is called studio pedagogy, which is an emerging paradigm in business education around the world. Business schools such as, Copenhagen Business School, Stanford University and ESCP Europe have been developing new methods for entrepreneurship education to learn to break boundaries and encourage creative thinking in teams.


Our benchmark is the “Improbable” course which is a course developed and implemented in ESCP Paris by Prof. Sylvain Bureau and his artist colleagues Pierre Tectin and Christophe Bruno.

Improbable website
escp log


Find our more about Improbable in this 24 minute documentary


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