SHIP14 | Working Life and Entrepreneurship Studies
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What is SHIP14?

We are launching a new entrepreneurship program to provide skills for today’s global world. We believe that in addition to content knowledge you need soft skills that are necessary to make an impact in the society.


Join us, to develop your strengths and passion. This program will provide you with the necessary tools and the mindset to start your own adventure.


Working Life Skills

Module consists of two courses that cover working life skills and basic IPR knowledge.

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Career Planning and Skills

Focuses on career planning and career skills during studies. It is for students who want to analyse their potential and build competences, knowledge, and networks for their career. The course gives the students the basics tools needed for seeking work, writing the applications and preparing for interviews and selection processes.

Intellectual Property

Focuses on immaterial property rights and their role business. The course covers different forms of intellectual property, IP ownership, and IP protection. The course considers IP both form personal and business perspectives

Entrepreneurship Studies

Entrepreneurship Studies is divided into three courses which cover everything from entrepreneurial skills to business models.

Toward entrepreneurial mindsets

Focuses on competence clarification for students who want to explore their talents and entrepreneurship opportunities. There is no need to have a business idea yet, since the key idea of the course is to learn self-knowledge, personal competencies, interests and aspirations how to contribute in the future.

Building business through creativity and collaboration

As an entrepreneur you want to make an impact! Breaking the rules and questioning the “we have always done it this way” type of mindset are key skills to all aspiring entrepreneurs. How to learn this? While the traditional business education provides you with tools and skills for business model skills and financing; the Entrepreneurship II module employs a creative method to learn and experience entrepreneurship through art.  Art is used as an illustration, as materials for case studies, and as a place to work and develop business oriented thinking.

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Turning opportunities to business

Focuses on opportunity identification and business model analysis. It is a foundational course that covers techniques and methods for identifying unmet customer needs and market pains, generation of ideas and frameworks for validating the ideas for sustainable (also financially) new venture. Approach in the course is based on active participation and concrete exercises on business cases. It encourages to a “messy” way of thinking as opposed to a clear pathway for the ideation and business concept process.


Entrepreneurial Field Project


Ship doesn’t stop where the theory ends. We give the possibility to take everything into practice. During the course the participants will learn project, teamwork and presentation skills and can contribute professionally in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team in English.


Student is able to work together with the project partner, provide added value with the demo created by the team and understands the possibilities for further development. Student can utilize various innovation methods and present the results of his work effectively. Additionally the student learns to manage a product creation process which is a valuable skill for any employee or entrepreneur.


Course is organized together with Demola Oulu.

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Who Made This Program Possible?

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Petri Ahokangas
Petri Ahokangas

Program Coordinator

Johanna Bluemink

Coordinator of “Building business through creativity and collaboration”

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